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  • 公司簡介:  



            Beijing Yadongshengtai Construction Labor Co., Ltd is located in Beijing, China’s political and cultural center. Beijing is an international metropolitan and have abundant resources, various talents and convenient traffic.


            Founded in July 2013, our company now has the qualifications of formwork and scaffolding contracting and construction engineering labor subcontracting and has production department, technology department, operation department, financial department, material department, security department, logistics department, human resource department, office and other functional departments. Now, our company has over 1000 employees including 80 administrative staff. The percentage of certified staff is 100%. Our annual construction capability is over 200,000 square meters and can complete construction contracts worth RMB 80,000,000 annually. We have been repeatedly entitled “Trustworthy Entity”, “Excellent Construction Firm” and “Double Civilized Construction Firm”.


            Taking “people first” as the guiding concept, our company sticks to the operating principles of “market-oriented and competition-driven development, building up reputation with good quality and enhancing efficiency by improving administration”, carries forward the spirit of “integrity, pragmatism, innovation and development” and tries to realize the tenet of “building every project into a monumental one”.


            In fierce market competition, our company never forgets to “build top-class team, develop best quality, and realize optimum benefit”. We keep expanding and innovating and has built up partnership in labor service with many large groups. Since establishment, our company seeks for nationwide development based on Beijing, and many of our projects have won “National Superior Quality Prize”. For example, the project of headquarter office building of Sina won “Great Wall Cup Gold Award”; Changping Fusong Community Phase II won “Great Wall Cup Silver Award”; the project of Beijing Huangshi Scientific Research Center won “Luban Prize”; the project of Tianjin Tianshi College, Foreign Language Institute won “Tianjin Haihe River Prize”.


            Our company is willing to collaborate with all friends to strive for excellence, keep improving, build fine projects and create a better world.