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  • 總經理致辭:  







        Cease to the struggle and cease to the life. Beijing Yadongshengtai Construction Labor Co., Ltd upholds the great banner of “responsibility, honesty, safety and scientific management” and makes delicacy management in order to scientize engineering, detail specialization, modernize management and maximize benefits.




        In the long run, we take customers’ demands as orientation to deepen reform, innovate, further integrate resources and build an efficient service platform. We win customers’ trust with professional and high-quality services; win the society’s trust with continuous safe construction; win reward of the industry with steady and continuous growth.




        The developing Yadongshengtai will adapt to the new situation and seek for development with new attitude under this guidance of scientific outlook on development. We will unite and make efforts to build our company into a vigorous modern construction firm.




          We are determined to work through all difficulties no matter how tough they are. All staff of Yadongshengtai are willing to collaborate with people from all walks of life to create new glory and realize prosperity of China’s construction industry.